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Miao Chunyan, Associate Professor
Director of Emerging Research Lab, SCE, NTU


Chunyan Miao is currently serves as Associate Professor as well as the Director of Emerging Research Lab at SCE, NTU. She has been an Assistant Professor at Division of Information System, School of Computer Engineering (SCE), Nanyang Technological University (NTU) since 2003. Prior to joining NTU, she was an Instructor and Postdoctoral Fellow at School of Computing, Simon Fraser University Canada since 2000.

Her major research focus is on study cognitive and social characteristics of agents, multi-agent and distributed AI/CI systems such as trust, emotions, motivated learning, ecological and organizational behavior. She has made significant contributions in novel integration of the above research into emerging technologies such as interactive detail media (web, virtual world, social networking and massive multiplayer game), cloud, mobile communication and humanoid robots. Her research goal is to conduct multidisciplinary research and inventing new research methods and technologies for next generation of learning and educational environment, active aging, independent living, sustainable environment and quality of life.