Explore our hertiage
HALE@NTU is an orientation initiative by the Student Affairs Office (SAO) to introduce
freshmen to the rich culture and heritage of the University in an outdoor setting.
Beginning as a mass walk held by the SAO, the NTU Heritage Walk was mooted by then
President of NTU, Dr Su Guaning, in 2003 as part of the Freshmen Orientation Week. The
NTU Heritage Walk has since evolved to the current version of HALE@NTU, which was
launched in 2011 during the Halls' Freshmen Orientation Camps (FOCs).
HALE@NTU maintains the objectives of NTU Heritage Walk, namely:
     i. to orientate freshmen around the campus
     ii. to promote appreciation of the University’s history, legacy, culture and values
     iii. to imbue a sense of pride in belonging to a vibrant global University
     iv. to promote bonding amongst the participants
In addition, the current version seeks:
     v. to empower student leaders to play a more significant and active role in sharing their
          sense of pride in being part of NTU with their juniors
The direct involvement of student leaders with the autonomy to organise their own
HALE@NTU at a time most convenient to them during the FOCs will give birth to creative
and "out of the box" ideas to showcase the University's rich heritage and culture.
  • ......that there was a write up on "Studying Spooks – Ghosts in NTU" in The Sunday Times -27 Mar 2005!
  • ......that NASH, Singapore's FIRST full-sized robot that can see, respond to instructions and walk up stairs hails from NTU!
  • ......that Stefanie Sun Yan Zi performed on a temporary stage set in the Hall 6 pond for a Hall function when she was a student in NTU!
  • ......that Hall 4 was built on the site of the former Faculty of Arts of Nanyang University!
  • ......that the Innovation Centre was previously the Faculty of Science of Nanyang University!
  • ....that the Yunnan Corner located near Canteen One was originally an outpatient clinic!

  • " I had fun during the event! (:
  • "Good, creative & innovative! Keep up the good work & dig up the creativity!"

  • "HALE is very interesting and nice."
  • "Thank you for creating this HALE event. I become more familiar with various places in NTU through HALE."

  • "Innovative way of engagement!"
  • "It is very interesting overall. I told my friends they should have participated."