ZHOU Luying
Adjunct Assistant Professor of
Electrical and Electronic Engineering,
Division of Communication Engineering


Academic Qualifications

  • BE & ME  both from S. China U. Technol
  • PhD  Xi'an Jiaotong

Working Experience

  • April 1985 to Sept 1986, and 1990 - South China University of Technology,Guangzhou, China,  Lecturer
  • Jan 1991 to May 1995 - South China University of Technology,Guangzhou, China,  Associate Professor
  • May1995 to June 1998 - State University of New York at buffalo and Syracuse University, New York, Research Fellow
  • June 1998 to Current- Institute for Infocomm Research, Scientist


  • E6108 - Computer networks
  • E6101 - Digital communications system
  • E6104 - Network performance analysis
  • E6127 - Wireless networking

Research Interests

  • Computer Communication Networks
  • Wireless network,mobile Ad hoc Network, WDM and Optical Access Networks
  • Network Signaling and Routing Protocols, Performance Analysis, Resource Allocation,Protection/Restoration and Applications

Selected Publications

  • C.V.Saradhi, M.Gurusamy, Luying Zhou, "Differentiated QoS for survivable WDM optical networks", Communications Magazine, IEEE,Volume: 42 , Issue: 5 ,May 2004, Pages:S8 - 14
  • C.V. Saradhi, Luying Zhou, M. Gurusamy, C.S.R. Murthy,"Distributed Network Control for Establishing Reliability-constrained Least-cost Lightpaths in WDM Mesh Networks", Proceedings of Eighth IEEE Symposium on Computer and Communications, ISCC, Vol. 1., July 2003, pp. 678-68
  • Luying Zhou, Pat Chan, R. Pillai,"Effect of TCP/LLC protocol interaction in GPRS networks", Computer Communications, Volume 25 Issue 5, pages 501-506, March 2002
  • Luying Zhou, "Scheduling switching element (SE) disjoint connections in stage-controlled photonic banyans", IEEE Transactions on Communications, Volume: 47 Issue: 1, Jan. 1999, Page(s): 139 ĘC148
  • Hariri, S., Varshney, P., Luying Zhou, Haibo Xu, Ghaya, S., "A hierarchical analysis approach for high performance computing and communication applications", Systems Sciences, 1999. HICSS-32. Proceedings of the 32nd Annual ,Hawaii International Conference on, 1999



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