Industrial Talk

Phoram Mehta

Mr. Phoram Mehta

Title: Preventing Cybercrime in Fintech Ecosystem

Abstract: A successful financial cybercrime has three distinct crimes. One, against the user whose identity is stolen. Two, against the business whose goods or services are compromised and the government whose laws may be broken by leveraging the stolen money and misuse of the financial application. In this session hear about how PayPal is leveraging data, compute, ML and automation to establish trust in the systems, to prevent misuse and malware attacks.

Bio: Mr. Mehta is the Head of Information security for PayPal's Asia-Pacific region. A seasoned professional and technical leader with 18 years of experience, he has been instrumental in building secure technology solutions for multiple companies across a spectrum of sectors including financial services, healthcare, telecommunication, and government. He has lead projects globally through roles in Security Architecture, Strategic Consulting and Risk Assessments. Mr. Mehta serves on the ISACA Singapore board and has been a speaker at multiple regional conferences like RSA-APAC, CloudSec, etc. He has a Master’s in Computer Science and carries major certifications like CISSP, CISM, CRISC to name a few.


Dr. Ernie Teo

Title: Blockchain and its Applications in Identity Management

Abstract: Blockchain is a distributed database which provides an immutable record of transactions verified by the network. Since the emergence of Bitcoin, applications of blockchain has progressed from cryptocurrencies to a wide range of business applications; crucial to these applications is user identity. This talk will provide an introduction to blockchain, its history and explore how identity is managed in current applications.

Bio: Ernie Teo is a research scientist at the IBM Center for Blockchain Innovation. He is an economist by training and specializes in the areas of game theory and applied microeconomics with an application to high tech industries and received his PhD in Economics from the University of New South Wales, Australia. Ernie is also adjunct lecturer at the National University of Singapore where he teaches a course on blockchain and distributed technologies. Prior to IBM, Ernie spent his career in academia and has published on topics of fintech, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, technology and economics.