Accepted Papers

PaperID: 6
Title: Robust Gender Classification Using Extended Multi-spectral Imaging by Exploring The Spectral Angle Mappe
Authors: Narayan Vetrekar, Raghavendra Ramachandra, Kiran Raja, Rajendra Gad, Christoph Busch

PaperID: 7
Title: A Novel Set of Pixel Differencebased Features for Pedestrian Detection
Authors: Xing Liu, Kar-Ann Toh

PaperID: 8
Title: Fusion Analysis of Soft Biometrics for Recognition at a Distance
Authors: Bingchen H Guo, MARK NIXON, John Carter

PaperID: 10
Title: DyGazePass: A Gaze Gesture-Based Dynamic Authentication System to Counter Shoulder Surfing Attacks
Authors: Vijay Rajanna, Adil Hamid Malla, Rahul Ashok Bhagat, Tracy Hammond

PaperID: 11
Title: A Gender-Specific Behavioral Analysis of Mobile Device Usage Data
Authors: Tempestt J Neal, Damon Woodard

PaperID: 15
Title: Analysis of Head and Torso movements for Authentication
Authors: Gayathri Manogna Parimi, Partha Pratim Kundu, Vir V Phoha

PaperID: 22
Title: Cloud-ID-Screen: Secure Fingerprint Data in the Cloud
Authors: Fahad Alsolami, Terrance E Boult, Bayan Taha Alzahrani

PaperID: 24
Title: Normalized Face Image Generation with Perceptron Generative Adversarial Networks
Authors: Xiaofeng Liu, B. V. K. Vijaya Kumar, Yubin Ge, Chao Yang, Jane You, Ping Jia

PaperID: 25
Title: Multi-View Gait Recognition Using 2D-EGEI and NMF
Authors: Chen Wu, Yonghong Song, Yuanlin Zhang

PaperID: 32
Title: Facial Biometric Presentation Attack Detection Using Temporal Texture Co-occurrence
Authors: Shi Pan, Farzin Deravi

PaperID: 37
Title: Gender Classification from Periocular NIR Images using Fusion of CNNs Models
Authors: Juan E. Tapia, Carlos Aravena

PaperID: 38
Title: Secure Smart Metering Based on LoRa Technology
Authors: Yao Cheng

PaperID: 40
Title: Continuous Authentication Using One-class Classifiers and their Fusion
Authors: Rajesh Kumar, Partha Pratim Kundu, Vir V Phoha

PaperID: 41
Title: A Longitudinal Study of Iris Recognition in Children
Authors: Morgan Johnson, David A Yambay, Daniel Rissacher, Laura Holsopple, Stephanie Schuckers

PaperID: 42
Title: Privacy Preserving IP Traceback
Authors: Le Su, Dinil Mon Divakaran, Vrizlynn Thing

PaperID: 46
Title: Pooling Body Parts on Feature Maps for Misalignment Robust Person Re-Identification
Authors: Yuting Liu

PaperID: 49
Title: GHCLNet: A Generalized Hierarchically tuned Contact Lens detection Network
Authors: Avantika Singh, Vishesh Mistry, Dhananjay Yadav, Aditya Nigam

PaperID: 50
Title: Biometric Presentation Attack Detection using Gaze Alignment
Authors: Nawal Alsufyani, Asad Ali, Sanaul Hoque, Farzin Deravi

PaperID: 54
Title: Towards Quantifying the Entropy of Fingervein Patterns across Different Feature Extractors
Authors: Vedrana Krivokuca, Sébastien Marcel

PaperID: 56
Title: On the Use of Convolutional Neural Networks for Speech Presentation Attack Detection
Authors: Pavel Korsunov, Andre Ricardo Goncalves, Ricardo P. V. Violato, Flavio Olmos Simoes, Sébastien Marcel

PaperID: 58
Title: VGR-Net: A View Invariant Gait Recognition Network
Authors: Daksh Thapar, Divyansh Aggarwal, Punjal Agarwal, Aditya Nigam

PaperID: 60
Title: Using Eye Tracking Biometrics for Driver Verification
Authors: Azhar Quddus, Ali Zandi

PaperID: 61
Title: Improved Sequential Fusion of Heart-signal and Fingerprint for Anti-spoofing
Authors: Rami Jomaa, Md Saiful Islam, Hassan Mathkour

PaperID: 65
Title: CNN Based Key Frame Extraction for Face in Video Recognition
Authors: Xuan Qi, Chen Liu, Stephanie Schuckers

PaperID: 69
Title: Prediction of Human Error Using Eye Movements Patterns for Unintentional Insider Threat Detection
Authors: Hassan Takabi, Yassir Hashem

PaperID: 70
Title: Adversarial Domain Adaptative Subspace Clustering
Authors: Mahdi Abavisani, Vishal Patel