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Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) is committed to keeping all alumni’s personal information private, safe and secure.

I hereby authorise, agree and consent to allow Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and its employees and agents (collectively “NTU”) and NTU’s third party service providers to:

  1. collect, use, disclose and/or process personal data about me that I had previously provided NTU, that I now provide NTU, that I may in future provide NTU with and/or that NTU possesses about me including but not limited to my name, my identification number, my telephone numbers, my address, for the following purposes:
    • To maintain a lifelong relationship with its alumni.
    • To create awareness and promote alumni relations.
    • To understand and study the profile of its alumni community for NTU’s policy making and planning.
    • To involve alumni in NTU’s continual development and progress through the engagement of voluntary services and giving back to their alma mater.
  2. send me such alumni-related marketing, advertising and promotional information to my contact number as indicated above by:

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