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Adjunct Appointments
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Research Interests

Ang Kai Keng (Adjunct Asst Prof)
BASc MPhil PhD Nan. Tech.


Brain-Computer Interface
Neural Signal Processing
Pattern Recognition
Machine Learning
Fuzzy Neural Systems

Frank Eisenhaber (Adjunct Professor)
Abitur "summa cum laude" MD Humboldst University Berlin, PhD (Molecular Biology) The Engelhardt Inst of Molecular Biology


Gene/Protein Function Prediction from Sequence and Associated Data (Structure, Expression, etc.)
Protein Sequence Analysis

Marius Erdt (Adjunct Asst Prof)
Diplom-Inform. University Koblenz-Landau Dr.-Ing. TU Darmstadt

Room No: NS1-05-13      
Ext No: 6592 2668

Statistical Shape Modeling
Medical Image Processing and Clinical Image-based Procedures
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Volume Rendering

Hung Gih Guang@Terence (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BS (Computer Engineering, Highest Honors & Bronze Tablet) MS (Electrical Engineering) PhD (Electrical Engineering) UIUC


High Performance Computing
Grid/Utility/Cloud Computing
Application Performance Analysis and Optimization

Kang Meng Chow (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
MSc University of London, PhD Southern Cross University


Information Security Risk Management
Information Security Professional Practices
Cybersecurity Strategy, Policy, and Regional Development (Asia)

Li Xiaoli (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BSc MEng Shanxi U China, PhD ICT Chinese Academy of Sciences


Data Mining
Machine Learning
Web and Text Mining

Lim Joo Hwee (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BSc MSc NU Singapore, PhD UNSW


Content-Based Image/Video Retrieval
Scene/Object Recognition
Medical Image Analysis
Cognitive Vision

Rafael Enrique Banchs Martinez (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BEng MSc (EE) USB, PhD (EE) UT Austin


Natural Language Applications
Conversational Agents
Chat-oriented Dialogue

Wolfgang Mueller-Wittig (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
Dipl-Inform Dr-Ing Darmstadt Tech.

Room No: NS1-05-07      
Ext No: 6790 6988

Computer Graphics
Virtual Reality
Augmented Reality
Computer Assisted Surgery

Markus Schläpfer (Adjunct Asst Prof)
MSc PhD ETH Zurich


Smart Cities
Urban Informatics
Data Analysis and Mining
Network Theory/Complexity Science

Tan Puay Siew (Adjunct Assoc Prof)
BEng NUS, MEng PhD Nan. Tech.


Meta-heuristics Algorithms for Complex Systems
Cyber-physical Systems
Context-aware Services