Assistant Professor Mayasari Lim

Division of Bioengineering
Nanyang Technological University
Singapore 637457

Tel: (65) 6513 8077
Fax: (65) 6791 1761


Doctor of Philosophy, Chemical Engineering, Imperial College London, London, UK, 2008

Bachelor of Science, Chemical Engineering with Honors, University of California, Berkeley, CA, 2000

Research focus:
  • Hematopoietic stem cell bioprocessing
  • Ex vivo expansion and differentiation
  • Bioreactor design and process control
  • Design of experiments
Selected publications:
  • M. Lim, H. Ye, N. Panoskaltsis, E.M. Drakakis, X. Yue, A.E.G. Cass, A. Radomska, A. Mantalaris. (2007). Intelligent bioprocessing for hematopoietic cell cultures using monitoring and design of experiments. Biotechnology Advances. 25(4):353-368
  • M. Lim, H. Ye, M. Plazcek, A. Mantalaris. (2007). Stem cell bioprocessing: Manufacturing cells for clinical applications. BioWorld Europe. S1:10-13.
  • M. Lim, H. Ye, X. Yue, E.M. Drakakis, A.E.G. Cass, N. Panoskaltsis, A. Mantalaris. (2008). Towards information-rich bioprocessing: generation of spatio-temporal profiles through the use of design of experiments to determine optimal number and location of sensors – an example in thermal profiles. Biochemical Engineering Journal. 40(1):1-7
  • A. Radomska, S. Singhal, H. Ye, M. Lim, A. Mantalaris, X. Yue, E.M. Drakakis, C. Toumazou, A.E.G. Cass. (2008) PEG-modified ion selective electrode for monitoring metabolic activity during the growth and cultivation of stem cells. Biosensors and Bioelectronics. 24(3):435-441
  • X. Yue, E.M. Drakakis, H. Ye, M. Lim, A. Mantalaris, N. Panoskaltsis, A. Radomska, A.E.G. Cass. (2008) A real-time multi-channel monitoring platform for stem cell culture process. IEEE Trans. On biomedical circuits and systems.2(2):66-77
  • M. Lim, H. Ye, N. Panoskaltsis, A. Mantalaris. (2007). Optimal expansion and differentiation of cord blood stem cells using design of experiments: a case study on erythropoiesis. Handbook of Cardiac Stem Cell Therapy. I. Dimarakis, P. Menaschi, N. A. Habib, M. Y. Gordon eds. Imperial College Press. London, UK.
  • M. Lim, A. Mantalaris. (2008). Development of a design of experiment methodology: Applications to the design and analysis of experiments. Advances in Tissue Engineering. J. Polak, A. Mantalaris, S. E. Harding eds. Imperial College Press. London, UK.

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