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For International Candidates

1. Student's Pass

International students have to apply for a Student's Pass from the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority in order to pursue a full-time course of study in Singapore. The Student's Pass is only issued to full-time students and not to part-time students. International students who wish to pursue programmes on a part-time basis should obtain employment in Singapore first before applying for admission to the University and should ensure that they are permitted to work and reside in Singapore throughout the course of their study by the Immigration & Checkpoints Authority.

Passport holders of specific countries, including China and India, must have a valid visa before entering Singapore.

The University will assist successful international applicants in their applications for the Student's Pass. The costs, if any, connected with such application will be borne by the student.

Please visit for important and detailed information.

2. Cost of Living

The estimated monthly expenses of an international student in Singapore are as follows:

Meals (University canteens and hawker centres)
$400 - $500
$250 - $400
Transport expenses (locally)
$200 - $300
Other expenses (stationery, toiletries, laundry, recreation, etc)
$300 - $500

All expenses listed above are in Singapore dollars.

Candidates are expected to have sufficient funds to cover all the expenses of their ENTIRE period of study. The University does NOT arrange for employment for international students.

3. Part-time Employment

International students holding student's pass may seek permission to work up to a certain number of hours per week. For more details, please contact

We are unable to comment on the job prospects of international students.

Last Modified : 04 Oct 2004
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