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NTU Notebook Tender Lineup


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NTU PC Tender Lineup


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OAFA Student PC Loan Info


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Campus Computer Shop


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Computer Ownership Scheme

To promote mobile computing and computer ownership for students and staff of the University, we have

tied with major computer manufacturers to offer notebooks and desktop PCs to our campus community at preferential prices.


The models offered in the new academic year 2017/18 range from tablet to high-performance computing desktop PCs.  Models will be refreshed regularly to keep up with the latest technology in the market.  To view the range of models and latest pricing, please select one of the links on the left.


Who's Eligible

All students and staff of the University are eligible to purchase these notebooks/desktops at preferential prices.  You will need to produce your student matriculation card or staff card when making your purchase.  Each student and staff is allowed to purchase one notebook per academic year.


Student Personal Computer Loan

Full-time undergraduates studying in NTU may also eligible to apply for interest free financial loan for the purchase stipulated notebook/desktop models.  The loan repayment will only begin after graduation.


  For NTU, NIE undergraduates, please visit the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid website for additional details.



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