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SSM Internship
Information on SSM Internship
Date of Internship for Academic Year 2013/2014: 8 July to 7 December 2013 (22 weeks)

2. Scholarship & Sponsorship Holders

3. Students' Sourcing for Own Placements (Local or Overseas) 

4. Selection and Allocation

5. Overseas Attachment

6. Leave during SSM Internship

7. Participation in ECA during SSM Internship


1. Introduction 

As a curriculum requirement, all fourth year students from the Sport Science and Mangement (SSM) degree are required to be attached to organisations to undergo a 22-week SSM Internship programme during Semester 1.

To qualify for SSM Internship, students must meet the following criteria:

  •   Achieved 60 AUs or more
  •   Year 3 standing and completed 5 semesters' of training

The objective of the SSM Internship is to instil in students the right kind of work attitude and work professionalism so that they can become more effective and productive in their respective organisations much sooner than is usual for graduates without such experience. 

The SSM Internship programme is managed by faculty staff members of Physical Education and Sports Science (PESS) Academic Group and Career & Attachment Office (CAO). The SSM internship coordinator is Ms Ashley Lee Jing Pei, Programme Manager, telephone 67903719, email:

CAO provides a supportive role to the school in administering its PI programme.  It secures placements for students, sets up procedures for selection and allocation of organisations, processes assessments etc.  Most importantly, it provides support and advice to students during the SSM Internship period.

CAO is located at Student Services Centre, Level 4. Students are welcome to send your queries on the internship to:

2. Scholarship & Sponsorship Holders 

Students holding scholarships or sponsorships and want to be attached back to their sponsoring organisations, please request the organisation concerned to write to: 

Career & Attachment Office
Nanyang Technological University
Student Services Centre, Level 4
42, Nanyang Avenue 
Singapore 639815
Fax: 67916178

by 28 Feb, at the latest.  Your sponsoring organisation is also required to submit a programme relevant to your course of study for approval by the same deadline of 28 Feb.  The proposed SSM Internship programme is subject to your School's approval.


Please refer to Section 3 below for the instructions which also applies to scholarship/sponsorship holders and to download the relevant forms for completion and submission to CAO by the deadline given above.

3. Students' Sourcing for Own Placements (Local or Overseas) 

Students are welcome to recommend or find their own organisations for attachment locally or overseas. However, only students who are Singapore Citizens or Singapore PRs are allowed to source for their own overseas placements.  


Students should only approach their own contacts for placements. If you do not have any contacts, you should select the organisations from the list provided by CAO later.  


Students who are interested to do their attachment in the cities listed below in China, India and Vietnam are strongly encouraged to apply to the Global Immersion Programme (GIP):


  • China: Beijing, Shanghai, Suzhou and Tianjin 
  • India: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune
  • Vietnam: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City 

Students who are not participating in GIP are not allowed to approach GIP companies in the above cities for placements.  If the placements of non-GIP companies are subsequently approved, the students will be considered as undergoing Overseas Attachment and not GIP.  As such, these students will not be involved in the official activities organised for GIP students.


Please read and understand the following conditions and procedures before you proceed to source for your own placements:  


1.  The organisations must not be existing SSM Internship participating organisations. (student can verify with CAO).


2.  Students will benefit most from a corporate business environment during internship.  Do not source for home-based organisation or make any arrangement to work from home.


3.  The student must declare that there is no potential conflict of interest with his/her self-source organisation. 


4.  The programme submitted by organisation must be evaluated and accepted by the School. 


5.  The School and CAO will decide if the student will ultimately be attached to his or her  recommended organisation. 

It is the student's responsibility to ensure that the following documents are submitted to CAO by 28 February, at the latest. Please note that there will be no further extension of this deadline as we work on a very tight schedule. 

  1.  SSM Forms and RI Selfsource (to be completed by organisation) 
  2.  Declaration Form (to be completed by student)
  3. Printout of the "Instant Company/Business Info" of the organisation from the Registrar of Companies and Businesses, only if the organisation is a Singapore registered company. No printout is required for Singapore government bodies or agencies, e.g. National Environment Agency (NEA), MOE etc.For item (3), students may access and make payment for the service. 

For item (3), students may access and make payment for the service. Alternatively, students can submit their request online via NTU Library. This is the link: It will take 3 working days for NTU Library to process your request.


You are not required to submit the business/people profile of any foreign ownership company.


You may wish to provide your potential organisation the SSM Internship Programme In Brief together with SSM Forms (Form 50, Form 51 & RI above) when you source the internship.

Please await for confirmation from CAO after submission of the above forms.  DO NOT assume that your self-source placement is confirmed.  You will be notified by email the application status and the outcome will also be posted online at SSM Internship Notices for reference.  

4. Selection of Organisations & Allocation

In January, a briefing will be conducted by CAO to brief students on the application and selection procedures as well as the internship assessment system.  The selection is divided into 3 phases.

For Phase 1, students would get to select up to two (2) organisations that are conducting interviews or selecting students through applications.   Students who participate in this phase are expected to attend interviews from 18 Mar to 22 Mar 2013.  Should a student receive multiple offers, he or she will decide which organisation to accept.

For Phase 2, students can select up to six organisations.  The allocation is done by the computer system based on the students' choice level.    

Phase 3 allows students to select a placement on a first-come-first-served basis.

5. Overseas Attachment 

The overseas attachments, if available will be offered under Phase 1 selection exercise. 

The same conditions and procedures will apply to students who wish to self-source the overseas SSM Internship.  Please refer to Part 3 above.

Students who are interested to do their attachment in Beijing, Shanghai and Suzhou are strongly encouraged to apply to the Global Immersion Programme (GIP). 

Students who do not apply through GIP but would like to source for their own placements in Beijing, Shanghai or Suzhou are not allowed to approach companies participating in GIP.  If the placements of non GIP companies are subsequently approved, the students will be considered as undergoing Overseas Attachment and not GIP and hence will not be involved in the official activities organised for GIP students as part of the Global Immersion Progrmme.

The selection criteria for Overseas Attachment are as follows:

1.   Eligibility for consideration will depend on academic merit, personal qualities and other selection criteria adopted by the School, and participating organisations.

2.  International students can only attend one Overseas Programme, regardless of the nature of the programme and whether it is fee paying, non-fee paying or exchange. The duration of the Overseas Programme should not exceed 1 semester.

3.   The number of placements for Singaporeans and International students of all nationalities will be dependent on the ratio of Singaporean to International student enrolment for the year.

4.   Home country placement is not advisable.

5.   Scholarship holders must submit a letter of consent from their sponsors for their participation in the Overseas Attachment at the time of application.

6.    International students who hold scholarships cannot apply for overseas attachment during final year course of study regardless whetherthey are on MOE, ASEAN, GLC or any other scholarship types.

7.   Successful students are required to undergo a medical check-up at NTU Medical Centre or any registered general practitioner, at their own expense.  The overseas offer is subject to your doctor's assessment that you are fit to travel overseas for attachment.

8.  As medical costs in a foreign country are very expensive for non-citizens, students selected for the overseas attachment MUST buy insurance cover for medical/personal accident/travel if it is not already provided for by the host organisation. 

9.  Students will normally be paid an allowance which is guided by prevailing norms within the industry in the country of attachment.  Different organisation may also offer different package to cover (or not cover) the costs of airfare, accommodation, insurance (medical/personal accident/travel) and other expenses (e.g. meals, transportation, etc.) during the overseas attachment.  Students are advised to take these into consideration when applying for the placement. Other possible sources of financial assistance are:

-      Overseas Student Exchange Programme Loan Fund or Travel Award Scheme, administered by Office of Admission (Financial Assistance).  Please refer to their website for the details and application procedures:


6. Leave during internship 

Students are advised to plan orientation activities, club activities, overseas study programmes and meetings on final year projects outside the internship period or outside the office hours. Leave will not be granted for such purpose. 

- Vacation Leave & Public Holidays

Students are not entitled to vacation leave during attachment. Public holidays will be granted according to the prevailing practices of the organisation for its own employees. 

- Special Leave

Special leave will be considered for approval only in exceptional circumstances which include: 

- compassionate reasons affecting immediate family 

- participation in recognised event, e.g. representing Singapore in certain events. 

Special Leave Application form is available for download from SSM Internship website. Student must submit the completed form 7 days in advance, whenever possible to CAO. The reason(s) for applying for such leave must be stated clearly with supporting documents. 

- Medical Leave

If you are unfit to go to work, you should inform your organisation supervisor as soon as possible. You should submit the original medical certificate to your organisation and a photocopy to CAO (fax no. 67937925 or email to as soon as possible.

- NS Training

If you are still required to go for NS training, you have to apply for leave of absence using the Special Leave Application Form.  Submit the leave application form and the supporting document (such as the NS Notification) to CAO, at least 7 days in advance of the training. You may or may not be required to extend your internship. This depends on the satisfactory completion of your work in the organisation and the total duration of your NS training.  

7. Participation in ECA and other activities during SSM Internship 

You are advised to plan your ECA, such as orientation camps, meetings, etc. and other social or religious camps, humanitarian activities or trips outside the internship period / working hours as leave will not be granted for such purposes. 

8. Register for Subjects during SSM Internship  

You are NOT allowed to register for any subjects during your internship.  You should be focused and committed to your internship.

9. Information for Students Going on Academic Exchange Programme  

This information is useful for students who are participating in the Academic Exchange Programme during 3rd year Semester 2.

Upon arriving in the foreign countries, students should email CAO ( to provide their email addressess overseas.   This will allow CAO to maintain contact with the students during the selection period and to provide you the necessary support.

Students will select organisations through internet just like your peers.  However, if students applied to organisations that require interviews, it is up to the organisations to decide if they will accept the students without interview or they may conduct interviews by skype, phone or email modes.  In this case, a good cover letter and resume would help and please explain in your cover letter the reason of your inability to attend an interview physically if shortlisted and suggest other modes of interview.

Updated on 29 Jan 2013
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