Paperless workflow
Paperless Workflow Solution helps to decrease costs while increasing operational efficiency and productivity

As costs continue to skyrocket in this paper-intensive world, enterprises are looking for cost-effective IT solutions that streamline business processes without sacrificing rapid access to information. One such solution which is gaining popularity is the "paperless office", also known as Paperless Workflow Solution. The aim of the integrated document management is to achieve operational efficiency, increase productivity and save cost.

Integrated document management system eliminates the need to manually handle paper documents by converting them into an electronic format. This allows for easier and effective retrieval and search, management and storage. Once documents are digitally captured and organized, workflow components can move the electronic documents quickly and automatically along defined routing paths for additional processing, approval, or archiving.

This technology enables people to focus on tasks where they add the most value while automating other activities such as data input and verification.

CITS is currently exploring with leading industry partners to implement state-of-the-art document management and workflow automation solutions across the campus.

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