Preview Format before Printing

Haven't we at one time or another printed Microsoft Excel spreadsheets and unexpectedly found the right-most column printed on separate pages? Or, the same document printed using different Microsoft Word versions or printers result in different number of pages? How about overlooking the extra "returns" which creates a last page that is completely blank.

Print Preview
If you had used the preview feature to check the format before printing, these would have become easier to spot and correct. For example, in the word document, if a table is slightly outside the margin of the page, it is not easy to spot in the Normal view, but in Print Preview, the actual effect becomes very obvious.

Zoom Out To See All Pages Together
Another way to observe the overall format is to use the zoom out function. This is especially useful for reports with many pages. When zooming out to a very small percentage, say, 10%, texts will be too small to be seen, but it will be easy to spot an unnecessary blank page, or a page with nothing but an orphaned sentence or figure.

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