Paperless eMeeting

Why paperless meeting?
Traditional meetings today depend heavily on paper based agendas and meeting records. Usually, participants attend meetings with huge stacks of papers, either for reference or personal note-taking, only to be filed away after the meetings. Technology can offer solutions to improve efficiency, quality and transparency of the meeting process.

What is eScribe?
eScribe is a full lifecycle meeting management solution for meeting administrators and participants. eScribe is flexible and highly configurable and has features for on-line invitation of attendees, creation of agenda, conduct of meeting, taking of minutes, on-line voting, auto generation, approval and publication of meeting records, etc. eScribe is built on Microsoft’s SharePoint 2010 platform.

Participants attend paperless e-meeting with their iPads or laptops, eliminating the need to print documents prior the meeting. With existing communication tools, meetings can be conducted on-line, allowing participants to attend meetings virtually anywhere. This offers convenience and potential huge savings on transportation costs, especially if the meeting partipants spans across the globe. All post-meeting information is made available securely to participants whenever and wherever they need.

NTU implements paperless meetings
Since May 2012, CITS has converted to conduct its weekly management meetings using eScribe. Following closely in 12 June 2012, NTU senior management piloted the use of eScribe.

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