NTU Interview Suite

The current interview process in NTU is a paper-intensive process which requires many documents (such as Application Form, CV, supporting documents, certificates, etc) to be printed and consolidated into a folder first before it is used by the interviewers in the colleges/schools and administrative departments/centres.

CITS has embarked this project under its 3P-Less Initiative (Print Less, Paper Less and Pay Less) in supporting the Sustainable Earth Peak, an University strategic initiative under 5 Peaks of Excellence.

NTU Interview Suite, an end-to-end solution that enables colleges/schools and administrative departments to conduct effective and efficient job interviews in a paperless manner using tablet devices, like the iPad.

With a flick of the fingers, interviewers are able to view details of each shortlisted candidate. They are also able to scribble annotations, snap photos, make video recordings and provide final rating of the candidates for making job-offer decision.

The team is preparing for implementation with a target launch in early 2013.

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