Setup Printer for Double Sided Printing

You can easily set up the printer to print double sided, or duplex printing, as your default print option and switch to single side mode when needed. The method is to configure the duplex mode NOT at the point of printing, but at the operating system's printer setting section. Once the settings are saved, no matter which application you print from, be it Notepad, Word, Internet Explorer, etc, the default setting is always double sided.

Note that not all printers support duplex printing. So, when purchasing a printer, make sure that it has duplex printing features.

For Windows 7
1.Click on the Start button and then choose Control Panel from the menu.
2.On the window that opens, click Devices and Printers

3.Right-click on the printer that you want to configure and choose Printing Preferences… to open its configuration window.
4.On the Finishing tab, tick the Print on both sides * checkbox.
5.Hit OK to save settings.
* Other printers may use different terminologies like Duplex Mode, etc.

So what if you wish to print single sided, say, for the submission of papers? Easy... when you print the document, Simply un-tick Print on both sides checkbox. If you cannot see the checkbox, click the Properties button to open the setup window. Your document will print in single sided mode!

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